The Bupa Wellbeing at Work Award (Small Company)

Winner: North Star Housing

North Star Housing Group dramatically increased employee wellbeing, engagement and business surplus by introducing new ways of working and giving staff a greater say in how the company is run.

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North Star Housing - Responsible Business award winners
What the judges thought:
  • North Star Housing Groups’ entry embodied a courageous approach to re-structuring the organisation in fundamental way, where wellbeing was positioned as key to developing strong trust, engagement and performance in every aspect of their work.
  • The engaging personal stories of the human impact of the programme are compelling, and evidenced how they are improving the mental wellbeing of both their people and their clients.
  • This initiative has strong metrics based on the KPIs achieved, including significant reductions in sickness absence, and the inspiring impact made by reinvesting direct savings made into the community they serve.

What North Star Housing’s CEO said:
The cultural change programme that supports STTSL is one of the most challenging processes I have ever been involved in, as the change starts at the most senior level, and it’s essential that the CEO leads the way. If you want to truly be a workplace of tomorrow, believe that current organisational models are limited, you care about the health and wellbeing of people in a fast changing environment and traditional methods are simply not delivering, then this is the way forward. The outcomes and successes speak for themselves.
Angela Lockwood, CEO North Star Housing Group.
What the Chair of the Judges said:
North Star Housing Group presented a brave and aspirational approach to health and wellbeing by anchoring the topic at the heart of their business strategy. By making wellbeing a priority in everything they do – the culture shift in the organisation significantly reduced absence levels and boosted people engagement. Equally important, it had a positive social impact externally by reinvesting direct savings they made into the communities they serve.
Beth Robotham, Head of Business Development, Bupa